Industrial Showcase-Cape is the longest-running industrial trade show serving the entire Western Cape attracted visitors from over 900 companies in 2015. It has had a successful track record since inception in the mid-1980s and includes exhibitors covering virtually every conceivable product or service from the industrial and manufacturing sectors.

The show has been running for more than 30 years on a biannual basis and its success stems from the need for a broad-based exhibition that attracts businesses across the entire industrial sector in the Western Cape region.

Rather than staging exhibitions that target specific sectors, the Industrial Showcase-Cape covers all the sectors allowing niche businesses the opportunity to promote their wares alongside more traditional industries.

The broad appeal of a comprehensive industrial exhibition works well in smaller regional economies that cannot sustain exhibitions that target specific sectors. This is the only dedicated industrial exhibition servicing industry in its entirety. This year will be the 15th industrial show for the Cape region.

Average attendances have been around 3,000 focused prospects with 67% of visitors either being able to recommend or have final authority when making a purchase.

The show attracts visitors from local industry, local and provincial government and major industrial players in the shape of directors, business owners, managers, contractors and buyers among others.

Industrial Showcase-Cape runs from 15 to 17 August at the Cape Town International Convention Centre (CTICC).